Did Denzel Washington appealed for Banning 'Sound of Freedom' movie?

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Did Denzel Washington appealed for Banning 'Sound of Freedom' movie?

The movie "Sound of Freedom" is a drama about a Navy SEAL who goes undercover to rescue a group of children who have been kidnapped by sex traffickers. The movie was produced by Washington's production company, Malpaso Productions. It is unclear why the movie has not yet been picked up by a major studio. However, it is possible that the movie's subject matter is simply too controversial for some studios. Child sex trafficking is a serious issue, and it is possible that some studios are hesitant to release a movie that could potentially upset viewers.

There is no evidence that Denzel Washington has ever "raged at Hollywood" for banning the movie "Sound of Freedom". The claim that he did so originated from a YouTube video posted on July 23, 2023, by a channel called "Spill Today". The video, which has since been viewed over 1.4 million times, made the claim that Washington had "lost his temper" and "gone off on Hollywood" after the movie was not picked up by any major studios.

However, there is no credible evidence to support this claim. The video did not provide any sources for its information, and Washington himself has never made any public statements about the movie being banned. In fact, the movie's director, Sean McNamara, has said that he is still in talks with distributors and that he is confident that the movie will eventually be released.

It is possible that the claim that Washington "raged at Hollywood" is simply a rumor or a hoax. It is also possible that the video was misinterpreting Washington's comments. In any case, there is no evidence to support the claim that he ever did anything of the sort.

It is also possible that the movie is simply not good enough. However, without seeing the movie, it is impossible to say for sure. Regardless of the reason, it is unfortunate that "Sound of Freedom" has not yet been released. It is a movie that could raise awareness of a serious issue and help to save lives.

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