From Actress to Activist: Meghan Markle's Political Future

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From Actress to Activist: Meghan Markle's Political Future

There have been reports that Meghan Markle is interested in a career in politics. In 2022, True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen told Fox News Digital that he had heard from "very reliable sources" that Markle was "writing to people to try and secure political positions." Bullen said that he believed Markle was "passionately pursuing" a career in politics.

Markle has not confirmed or denied these reports, but she has made some public statements that suggest she is interested in politics. In a 2020 interview with The New York Times, she said that she was "inspired" by the women who ran for office in the 2018 midterm elections. She also said that she believed "we need more women in positions of power."

It is possible that Markle is considering a run for office in the future. She would be a formidable candidate, with a strong platform of social justice and equality. She would also be the first biracial woman to hold a high-level political office in the United States.

However, it is also possible that Markle is simply interested in using her platform to advocate for political change. She could continue to work on issues that she is passionate about, such as women's rights and racial justice. She could also use her voice to speak out against injustice and inequality.

Only time will tell what Markle's plans are for the future. However, it is clear that she is a woman with a passion for making a difference, and she could have a significant impact on politics in the years to come.

In addition to the reports from Nick Bullen, there are other factors that suggest that Meghan Markle may be interested in a career in politics. For example, she has spoken out about a number of political issues, including gun control, climate change, and racial justice. She has also met with a number of political figures, including Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

It is important to note that there is no concrete evidence that Meghan Markle is planning to run for office. However, the reports and her own actions suggest that she may be considering a career in politics. Only time will tell what she decides to do.

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