Selena Gomez loved the taste of Masala Chai and ate Indian Food with her Hands

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Selena Gomez loved the taste of Masala Chai and ate Indian Food with her Hands

In 2021, Selena Gomez made masala chai and ate Indian food with her hands during the third episode of her cooking show, Selena + Chef. The episode was hosted by celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi, who taught Selena how to make prawn curry and rice. Selena was visibly excited to learn about Indian cuisine, and she had a great time trying new things.

When it came time to make masala chai, Selena was a little bit hesitant. She had never made tea before, and she wasn't sure what to expect. But Padma Lakshmi walked her through the process step-by-step, and Selena quickly got the hang of it. She even mastered the art of pronouncing "cardamom," which gave her a lot of trouble at first.

Selena was really impressed with the taste of masala chai. She said that it was "so good" and that she could "taste all the different spices." She also loved the fact that it was warm and comforting. Selena said that she would definitely make masala chai again, and she even encouraged her fans to try it.

In addition to making masala chai, Selena also learned how to eat Indian food with her hands. This was a new experience for her, but she quickly got the hang of it. She said that she loved the way the food tasted when she ate it with her hands, and she said that it felt more authentic.

Selena's reaction to masala chai and Indian food was met with a lot of positive reactions from her fans. Many people were impressed with her willingness to try new things, and they loved her enthusiasm for Indian cuisine. Selena's episode of Selena + Chef helped to introduce Indian food to a wider audience, and it showed that Indian food can be enjoyed by people of all cultures.

Here are some of the reactions from Selena's fans:
  • "Selena Gomez making masala chai and eating Indian food with her hands is everything I needed today."
  • "I love that Selena Gomez is so open to trying new things. She's such a good role model."
  • "I've never had masala chai before, but I definitely want to try it now after seeing Selena Gomez make it."
  • "Indian food is so delicious, and I'm glad Selena Gomez is helping to introduce it to a wider audience."
  • "Selena Gomez is so cute and relatable. I love watching her cooking show."

Selena Gomez's episode of Selena + Chef was a great success. It was informative, entertaining, and it helped to introduce Indian food to a wider audience. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it yet.

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