BTS Jimin Dancing to the Bollywood Song "Kukkad Kamal Da"

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BTS Jimin Dancing to the Bollywood Song "Kukkad Kamal Da"

A video of BTS Jimin dancing to the Bollywood song "Kukkad Kamal Da" from the 2014 film "Student of the Year". The video was edited to make it look like Jimin was dancing to the song along with two members of the K-pop girl group NewJeans.

The video has gone viral among Desi ARMYs, who are fans of BTS from India and other South Asian countries. They are loving the video and are calling it "K-Bollywood is near." The song "Kukkad Kamal Da" is from the 2014 Bollywood film "Student of the Year". It is a catchy song with a fun and upbeat tempo. The dance moves are also quite energetic and demanding. Jimin does a great job of dancing to the song, and he looks like he is having a lot of fun.

I can see why Desi ARMYs are loving the video. Jimin is an amazing dancer, and he looks great dancing to the Bollywood song. The editing is also very well done, and it makes it look like Jimin is really there with NewJeans. The video has been shared thousands of times on social media, and it has been met with a lot of positive reactions.

The video is a great example of the love and appreciation that ARMYs have for BTS. They are always finding new ways to celebrate their favorite group, and this video is a perfect example of that. I am sure that Jimin will be happy to see how much ARMYs are loving the video.

I'm sure this video will only help to increase the popularity of BTS in India and other South Asian countries. BTS is already very popular in these countries, but this video will introduce them to a new audience of fans.

I'm glad that Desi ARMYs are enjoying the video. It's a great way to bring together two different cultures through music and dance.

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