Dutchess County Filming Halted Amid Hollywood Strike

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Dutchess County Filming Halted Amid Hollywood Strike

Filming in Dutchess County has been halted amid the Hollywood strike. The strike, which began on July 1, 2023, involves the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA). The SAG represents over 160,000 actors in the United States, while the WGA represents over 200,000 writers.

The two unions are negotiating new contracts with the major Hollywood studios. The main sticking points in the negotiations are wages, health care, and residuals.

The strike has already had a significant impact on production in Hollywood. Many movies and TV shows have been delayed or canceled, and some studios have had to lay off workers.

Dutchess County is a popular filming location for movies and TV shows. In recent years, the county has hosted productions such as "Pretty Little Liars", "Severance", and "The Gilded Age".

The strike has forced the cancellation or postponement of several productions that were scheduled to film in Dutchess County. This includes the upcoming movie "Challengers", starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

It is unclear how long the strike will last. The SAG and WGA have said that they are willing to continue negotiating, but the studios have not yet made a counteroffer.

The strike is having a significant impact on the economy of Dutchess County. The county estimates that the film industry generates over $100 million in economic activity each year.

The strike is also having a negative impact on the local workforce. Many people who work in the film industry in Dutchess County have been laid off or furloughed.

The strike is a major setback for the film industry in Dutchess County. It is unclear when production will resume in the county, but the strike is likely to have a long-term impact on the local economy.

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