Greg Jein: A Hollywood Model Maker's Creations and Collection up for Auction

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Greg Jein: A Hollywood Model Maker's Creations and Collection up for Auction

A Hollywood model maker named Greg Jein's creations and collection are up for auction. The auction will be held by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, on September 22-23, 2023.

Thousands of pieces from the collection of Hollywood model maker Greg Jein are going up for auction next month in Dallas. The collection includes models, props, and costumes from films such as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Star Wars", "Star Trek", and "Batman".

Jein, who died last year at the age of 76, was a renowned model maker who worked on over 300 films and television shows. His work is known for its intricate detail and realism. The auction is scheduled to take place from October 12-14 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas. The estimated value of the collection is over $1 million.

The auction is expected to fetch millions of dollars. The proceeds will go to Jein's family and to the Motion Picture & Television Fund, which provides financial assistance to people in the entertainment industry.

The collection was amassed by Jein over his nearly half-century career as a model maker. He worked on hundreds of films and TV shows, and his work has been nominated for several Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. Jein died in 2022 at the age of 76.

The auction is a chance for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture to own a piece of Hollywood history. It is also a way to honor the legacy of Greg Jein, a master model maker who left his mark on the film industry.

This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Hollywood history. The auction is sure to be a hotly contested event, and the items are expected to sell for a lot of money. If you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, or film history, then this is an auction that you should not miss.

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