Is Bollywood Replacing Barbiecore Fashion With Contemporary Styles?

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Is Bollywood Replacing Barbiecore Fashion With Contemporary Styles?

Bollywood stars are moving away from the popular Barbiecore fashion trend and towards more contemporary styles. This is likely due to a few factors, including the changing tastes of the Indian audience, the increasing popularity of sustainable fashion, and the desire for stars to look more relatable.

Barbiecore is a fashion trend that takes inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll. It is characterized by bright colors, pastels, and playful prints. The trend became popular in 2022, but it seems to be losing steam in 2023.

There are a few reasons why Bollywood stars may be moving away from Barbiecore. First, the Indian audience is becoming more sophisticated in their taste in fashion. They are looking for styles that are more chic and understated, rather than the overly cute and girly styles of Barbiecore.

Second, there is a growing awareness of sustainable fashion in India. Many Bollywood stars are now choosing to wear sustainable clothing, which is often more muted and understated than Barbiecore styles.

Finally, some Bollywood stars may be looking to distance themselves from the Barbiecore trend in order to appear more relatable to their fans. The Barbiecore aesthetic can be seen as being a bit too artificial and plastic, and some stars may want to avoid that association.

Instead of Barbiecore, Bollywood stars are now opting for more contemporary styles that are still stylish and fashionable. These styles are often inspired by Western fashion trends, but they are also adapted to the Indian context. For example, we are seeing more stars wearing tailored suits, sleek dresses, and minimalist jewelry.

This shift towards more contemporary styles is a positive development for the Indian fashion industry. It shows that Bollywood stars are willing to experiment with different styles and that they are not afraid to break away from trends. It is also a sign that the Indian audience is becoming more discerning in their taste in fashion.

Here are some examples of Bollywood stars who have recently been seen wearing contemporary styles:

Kareena Kapoor Khan in a white suit by Anita Dongre.

Alia Bhatt in a black dress by Sabyasachi

Sara Ali Khan in a pink suit by Manish Malhotra

Mira Rajput Kapoor in a blue dress by Gaurav Gupta

Kiara Advani in a yellow dress by Tarun Tahiliani

These stars are setting a trend for more contemporary and sophisticated styles in Bollywood fashion. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops in the coming years.

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