You Won't Believe But These 12 Guys Taylor Swift Has Dated Till Now — But Who are They?

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You Won't Believe But These 12 Guys Taylor Swift Has Dated Till Now — But Who are They?

Taylor Swift, the beloved singer-songwriter, has not only made a name for herself with her chart-topping hits but has also garnered significant attention for her high-profile relationships and breakups. Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Timeline: 12 Relationships. As a country pop darling-turned-"Reputation"-slayer, Taylor Swift has certainly become known for writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past. Let's take a closer look at Taylor Swift's only 8 famous exes, providing insight into her past relationships and the stories behind the breakups that have often served as inspiration for her music.

1. Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift's relationship with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was one of her earliest high-profile romances. They began dating in 2008 but had a relatively short-lived relationship, which ended in a phone call that lasted less than a minute, as Taylor famously revealed. This breakup was the inspiration behind her song "Forever & Always."

2. Taylor Lautner

Swift briefly dated actor Taylor Lautner in 2009 after they met on the set of the movie "Valentine's Day." Although their relationship was short-lived, they remained friends, and Taylor Swift's song "Back to December" is believed to be an apology to Lautner for the way she handled the breakup.

3. John Mayer

One of Swift's most controversial relationships was with musician John Mayer, who is known for his own tumultuous romantic history. They dated in 2009, and their age gap and Mayer's reputation as a heartbreaker were the subjects of much speculation. Swift's song "Dear John" is widely regarded as her response to their breakup, where she expressed her feelings about the relationship.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

Swift's relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010 sparked significant media attention. Their whirlwind romance was followed by a rather abrupt breakup. Speculation about their age difference and the emotional intensity of their relationship fueled tabloid headlines. Swift's song "All Too Well" is believed to be about her time with Gyllenhaal.

5. Harry Styles

In 2012, Swift began dating Harry Styles of One Direction fame. Their high-profile romance was the subject of intense media scrutiny, and it ended in early 2013. Swift's song "Out of the Woods" is thought to reference her relationship with Styles, especially given the lyrics about a snowmobile accident that reportedly occurred during their time together.

6. Calvin Harris

Swift's relationship with DJ and producer Calvin Harris was marked by public outings and social media posts showcasing their love. However, the couple's breakup in 2016 took a more public turn, with Swift briefly dating actor Tom Hiddleston shortly afterward. Her song "Getaway Car" from the "Reputation" album is believed to allude to the end of her relationship with Harris.

7. Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift's summer romance with actor Tom Hiddleston in 2016 was met with intense media attention. The two were photographed together on various global escapades, but their relationship fizzled out by September of the same year. While Swift did not release a song specifically about Hiddleston, their relationship served as fodder for tabloid headlines.

8. Joe Alwyn

Since 2017, Taylor Swift has been in a more private relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. This relationship has been characterized by its discretion, in contrast to her previous high-profile romances. Swift's songs "Delicate," "Gorgeous," and "Call It What You Want" are believed to reference her deepening relationship with Alwyn.


Taylor Swift's love life has been a subject of fascination for fans and the media alike. Her relationships, though often high-profile, have provided inspiration for her music, allowing her to connect with audiences on a deeply personal level. As she continues to evolve as an artist and person, her music reflects the experiences and lessons learned from her famous exes and past relationships.

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