A Critical Perspective: Ratna Pathak Shah says Bollywood Had No 'Real Writers' For 80s 90s Movies

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A Critical Perspective: Ratna Pathak Shah says Bollywood Had No 'Real Writers' For 80s 90s Movies

Ratna Pathak Shah stands not only as a distinguished actor but as an influential figure in theatre and television as well. As she prepares to grace the silver screen in Tarun Dudeja’s forthcoming road film, "Dhak Dhak," alongside Dia Mirza, Fatima Sana Shaikh, and Sanjana Sanghi, she candidly addresses a prevailing issue that has persisted in Bollywood's history.

Era of Imitations: Bollywood in the '80s and '90s

In a recent candid conversation with Film Companion, Ratna Pathak Shah starkly pointed out a striking inadequacy prevalent in Bollywood during the 1980s and '90s - the dearth of genuine writers. She lamented the prevalence of what she referred to as "plain copies of Hollywood movies" masquerading as original creations. In her candid assessment, she lamented, "Some of our ‘best-known filmsare literally frame-by-frame copies." This assertion brings to light a period in Bollywood history characterized by a replication of foreign narratives rather than the cultivation of indigenous storytelling.

A Turning Tide: The Impact of the OTT Revolution

The winds of change began to sweep through the industry with the advent of the OTT (Over-The-Top) revolution. This paradigm shift democratized access to a diverse global array of films and shows, offering a fresh palette of inspiration to a younger, more discerning audience. The infusion of new perspectives and narratives has spurred a renaissance in creativity, challenging the established norms and revitalizing the creative landscape.

Ratna Pathak Shah: The Adventurer Beyond the Silver Screen

Beyond the confines of cinema, Ratna Pathak Shah embarks on an extraordinary motorcycle adventure through the formidable terrain of Leh. Her words resonate with a spirit of adventure and a testament to the boundless possibilities that life offers, irrespective of age. "I have driven bikes in my dreams many times," she revealed, illustrating the power of dreams and aspirations to transcend temporal constraints.

Dhak Dhak: A Cinematic Triumph

"Dhak Dhak," the brainchild of Tarun Dudeja, promises to be a visual feast, narrating the compelling story of four women who grasp the essence of freedom as an inherent right, not a bestowed privilege. Jointly produced by Taapsee Pannu, Ajit Andhare, Kevin Vaz, and Pranjal Khandhdiya, this cinematic endeavor is poised to revolutionize the portrayal of female-centric narratives in Indian cinema.

Taapsee Pannu, one of the producers, encapsulates the essence of the film, stating, "We have attempted to give audiences a visual experience that they have rarely seen on screen. Dhak Dhak narrates the story of four women who realise that freedom has to be owned and never given." This project signifies a pivotal moment in Taapsee's journey in the film industry, underlining Viacom18 Studios' steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries.

The Verdict: Embracing Evolution

In retrospect, Ratna Pathak Shah's candid revelation serves as a poignant reflection on an era defined by imitation. However, the winds of change have swept through Bollywood, heralding an era of innovation, diversity, and untapped potential. As "Dhak Dhak" readies itself to captivate audiences, it symbolizes the evolving landscape of Indian cinema, one that champions authentic narratives and celebrates the indomitable spirit of women.

In Conclusion

The evolution of Bollywood writing is a testament to the industry's resilience and capacity for transformation. Ratna Pathak Shah's insight sheds light on a critical juncture in its history, while "Dhak Dhak" represents a beacon of hope for a future defined by originality and diversity.

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