Remembering Suzanne Somers: A Legacy of Laughter, Love, and Resilience

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Remembering Suzanne Somers: A Legacy of Laughter, Love, and Resilience

The entertainment industry has lost an icon. Suzanne Somers, renowned for her memorable portrayals of the vivacious Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company (1977-1981) and the determined Carol Foster Lambert in Step by Step (1991-1998), passed away on October 15, after an unwavering 23-year battle with breast cancer, just a day shy of her 77th birthday. Her departure leaves a void in the hearts of her millions of admirers, from family and close friends to fellow celebrities.

A Testament of Love: Alan Hamel's Tribute

Alan Hamel, Suzanne's devoted husband of 55 years, penned a touching declaration of his eternal love on her Instagram account. His poignant message concluded with a heartfelt proclamation: “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU, MY BEAUTIFUL SUZANNE, FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.”

Bruce Somers Jr.'s Homage

Suzanne's only son, Bruce Somers Jr., shared a beautiful tribute, painting a portrait of a courageous warrior who faced fears to illuminate the path for others. He lovingly described her as a friend, wife, sister, daughter, entertainer, icon, and legend, but above all, as his Mom, a title he cherished dearly.

Joyce DeWitt's Reflections

Longtime friend and Three’s Company co-star, Joyce DeWitt, expressed her condolences, recognizing the profound bond within Suzanne's close-knit family. She offered solace, envisioning Suzanne embraced by angels on the other side, imparting wisdom to heal the hearts of her grieving family.

Jane Seymour's Heartfelt Farewell

Actress Jane Seymour shared a touching tribute, recounting moments of shared triumphs and adversities. She concluded by affirming that Suzanne's spirit would forever reside in the hearts of those who loved her.

Courteney Cox's Fond Remembrance

Actress Courteney Cox paid homage to Suzanne with a heartwarming video in celebration of what would have been her 77th birthday. She remembered Suzanne for her zest for life, and expressed her sympathy to Alan and the family.

Sandra Lee's Grateful Farewell

Renowned home and lifestyle guru, Sandra Lee, bid farewell to Suzanne with a tribute that captured her kindness, generosity, and wisdom. She expressed gratitude for Suzanne's guidance on matters of health and longevity.

Barry Manilow's Tribute to a Dear Friend

Singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, a cherished friend of Suzanne's for over four decades, illuminated her multifaceted talent. He remembered her not only as an entertainment luminary, but also as an exceptional comedic actor, devoted mother, accomplished homemaker, and culinary virtuoso.

Deborah Roberts' Acknowledgement

ABC Journalist Deborah Roberts acknowledged Suzanne's remarkable journey, highlighting her enduring spirit in the face of a decades-long battle with breast cancer. She paid tribute to Suzanne's iconic portrayal of "Chrissy" in the beloved show Three’s Company.


Remembering Suzanne Somers is a testament to a life lived with courage, love, and an unwavering spirit. Her legacy extends far beyond the screen, touching the hearts of those who knew her and the millions who admired her from afar. Suzanne Somers will forever remain an inspiration, a beacon of strength, and a source of joy. Her memory will live on in the hearts of all those she touched.

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